School Age

(5-16 Years)

Little Picassos offers after school or weekend classes. The focus of each weekly class builds on learnt skills and introduces new technique and concepts. Little Picassos gradually guides the students, whilst encouraging exploration and experimentation. Artists and art history are referred to with each session, as well as traditional and/or contemporary technique.

Drawing, painting, printmaking, clay, sculpture, textiles, collage and construction will be explored.

Classes run for eight consecutive weeks, 60 minutes each for $275* per term or Specialist classes, 2 hour lessons a week, $390 per term. * New students have a one off Fee for Art Pack $25. On occasion additional fees may be charged for exhibitions,  clay and clay firing.

2022 Timetable : to view the studio timetable, click enrol below, then your studio, the current planned timetable will open in each age group, or return to the home page and click the PDF link.

Art Adventurers 5-8 years

school-02A wonderful class that provides an opportunity for students to explore a series of art concepts, experiment and to create art works as the students move from controlled scribble to images representing their understanding of the world around them.  Colour, shape and form are explored in both 2 and 3 dimensions

Art Explorers 9-11 years

school-03These classes are designed to enhance each student’s natural abilities and to extend them to see as an artist. Line, shape, colour, form, composition, and spatial awareness is explored and emphasized. Students will experiment and create wonderful artworks, both two and three dimensional, with quality art materials

Art Explorers Advanced 11-14 years

school-04Students will study the basics of form, composition, colour and perspective, learning to see as an artist. A broad range of topics, materials, processes and art concepts are covered throughout each term. Teaching is done on an individual bases within the group setting, allowing students each to be extended

Art Specialist 13 + years or by invitation (younger higher skilled students)

school-05Students will explore the next stage of materials, technique & instruction as they develop their own style and reflect this through drawings, paintings, sculpture and collage. Individual teaching in a small group setting, portfolio development and studio experiences.