Why art is important in early childhood

One of the reasons I started Little Picasso’s nearly 12 years ago was because I wanted my own children to have wonderful positive art experiences. I knew as an Art Education Specialist that Art in Early Childhood is a brilliant method to engage creative thinking, problem solving and early learning. Importantly Art stimulates the growing brain by providing multi-sensory, interactive activities, it establishes connections, improves well-being, helps children develop emotionally by encouraging choices and building self-confidence, as well as identifying and expressing how they feel (anger, happiness) It builds visual perception, creates community (sharing, understanding differences, cooperation) and develops thinking, (early literacy and numeracy)
I also loved the fact that as a parent, (grandparent, auntie or friend) I could be there beside them through this experience to encourage, discuss and share – a wonderful moment together in time, as my babies are now grown and go on their own, (I also have the pleasure of the artwork years later, framed and on the walls that still bring a smile)
At little Picassos our programmes have been carefully created over the many years to bring your child (and you) the best learning through sequential art experiences.

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