Public art with children

There are wonderful Public art and sculpture works throughout Adelaide, and currently by the beach is the Brighton Jetty Classic Sculptures.

Viewing Art with children is wonderful, because you get an insight into how they see, perceive, understand and what really happens inside their minds.

Here are my top 5 tips for viewing artwork together:

  1. Arrive together and let them set the pace, ask questions like – where shall we start? which end looks interesting?, what can you see?.
  2. Be open minded, and ready to listen, they will have their own ideas about what they see, try not to interject right and wrong into the conversation.
  3. Encourage careful looking, get up close, view from all sides, walk around it, look under or hold them up high for looking down on it too.
  4. Ask open ended questions- What do you see? what do you think it’s made of? how do you think the artist made this? If this artwork could talk what do you think it would say ? if you were going to add something to this piece, what might you add?

and 5. look for an opportunity to create based on the experience and discovery – a drawing, a sculpture and this could be with a stick in the sand or with the rocks and pebbles on the beach below.

Mostly enjoy your time together, you are creating memorable moments for both (or all) of you.

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